Most People Won’t Notice This

Have You Noticed the Hidden Symbol in the FedEx Logo?

For years I have looked at the FedEx logo. In fact, one of my dad’s good friends even drove a FedEx truck.

Somehow I never noticed the hidden symbol within the words. If you are reading this, you have the gift of sight. But have you developed the power of observation?

1. Read Between the Lines

Over time our brains train our eyes to notice what we consider to be normal. That’s the reason I never read between the lines that make up the letters in FedEx.

Those who notice the unusual have the rare ability to create something beyond the ordinary. This skill allows you to build depth into your creations.

2. Find and Replace

Maybe you have heard of Walt Disney. Disney helped his readers relate to human themes by animating a mouse. Today children and even adults expect to be entertained by animals acting like adults.

If you want to improve your art, look at everyday life in a new light. If you are a graphic artist, try to imagine what you see as a simplified sketch. Filtering out distractions like color and clutter reduce the world to something more understandable.

If your artistic medium is LEGO bricks, simplifying what you see is necessary. Squared-off bricks and a limited color palette create excellent caricatures and impressions, but rarely make exact replicas of the real world.

So What’s the Symbol?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, FedEx hides an arrow in its name. Subtly they are telling the attentive observer that the company, just like its deliveries, is always moving forward.

– Do you see it now? –

Before you leave this page, look at something differently. How would you model your phone or computer in LEGO? Can you think of a few pieces you would use to model your hand?

Today I never look at the FedEx symbol without seeing that arrow. My brain has taught my eyes a new norm, but I’m looking forward to seeing what else I’ve been missing.





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