T-Rex on Display

How to Achieve Accuracy With Limited Detail

At first glance, this LEGO Tyrannosaurus Rex appears to include every detail of the giant lizard. You see the wide-open jaw and the tiny hands.

However, the missing components may be even more impressive. This T-Rex has only two teeth, and he doesn’t have typical coloring. Builder Aurore & Aube shares how he is able to achieve accuracy and artistry without obsessing over unnecessary details.

Advanced, But Not Complicated

Aurore uses advanced building techniques like using special bricks to turn build parts of his models out to the sides, a technique known as S.N.O.T. (studs-not-on-top). However, he doesn’t consider this technique important for his building style.
When Aurore creates something he keeps his mind on his final purpose rather than on methods. S.N.O.T. is a great tool if you want a model to have a smooth appearance like much of the T-Rex’s skin.

– In Aurore’s builds, first you see the likeness, then you notice the technique. –

If you want to master a particular building style, observe it in detail. Understanding a creative tool follows the passion to learn it. But, Aurore adds, you may be wiser to prioritize the model you are trying to achieve rather than the method you use to get there.

The Takeaway

Aurore has an ability to break a mental image into smaller understandable parts. If he felt forced to include 60 teeth in the mouth of a tiny LEGO T-Rex, he would never build the model.

If he decided all dinosaur models must be green, he may run out of pieces before he could finish. Besides, does anyone really know what color a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skin was?

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