The Successful Life of Failure

Lessons from a Crash Dummy

You have probably heard about Thomas Edison’s thousands of failed experiments. But have you ever considered what it might be like to be the failed experiment?

– The crash dummies learn when they crash and burn. –

Samuel Alderson invented the ultimate failure that keeps on saving our lives year after year: the crash dummy.

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Crash dummies explode with the objects they are testing in a controlled environment. As this year comes to a close, take time to ask yourself what you have learned this year.

If you don’t feel you have grown very much this year, consider experimenting more this coming year. The best way to feel comfortable trying new things is to take risk in a safe environment.

In many ways, this blog is my writing lab, and I will be trying several new features this coming year. So check in often, if for no other reason, to see the fireworks! Sometimes the best way to learn is to crash and burn.


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