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LEGO Sheds a New Perspective on the Hungarian Parliament

Taking 3 weeks just to develop a strategy for modeling the Hungarian Parliament in microscale, Tamás dazzles our eyes with his first architectural model.

Known as Bigboy99899 on Flickr, Tamás shares some of his challenges below and provides some stats about his model. Can you guess which feature he began his design with? Read more to find out.


The Hungarian Parliament building was built at the end of 19th century with modern concrete structure and internal machinery but with Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance external ornaments.

– Photo of the Hungarian ParliamentPhoto credit: Andrew Shiva


It houses two chambers in two smaller domes, and it has a large central dome with the main staircase and entrance. Its symmetrical facade is just ashore River Danube, so its practically used entrance is located on the eastern side.
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Building it in microscale (1:720) meant several challenges resulting in 3 weeks of intense development work.

– Here’s a glimpse at some of the roof technique. –

Starting Point

The basic idea was about how to make the front stairs.  It was very hard to keep the exact aspect ratio of arches in main dome, while using reversed-brick technique for its ornaments.

– Tamás chose to use LEGO grates as the stairs leading into the parliament. –


I played around with two concurrent dome versions. Experimenting with new techniques to attach buttresses to the wall was quite a fun. I learned a lot about microscale modeling in the process.

– Perspective is everything. Here are 4 views of the landmark. –


Piece count: 2097 (with flags)

Dimensions: 52×28 studs

Scale: 1:720

Building time: about 2 weeks

Software: LDD (Lego Digital Designer)

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  • Tamás, imagining building the Hungarian Parliament at microscale is overwhelming – there are so many details! How did you choose which details to leave out and still get such a realistic impression?

    • Legocreator Bigboy

      To maintain the artistic view in microscale models, is a real building challenge. There are not so many curved bricks, that can be used in microscale. So it was the idea, to rotate them, and building with just a few typical bricks.