Coookieeeee!!!!! Rum-rum-rum-rum-rum

The Thinking Behind This One-Track-Minded Monster

Cookie Monster and his cravings are instantly recognizable in this classic LEGO creation from Kos of

Using imagination, memory, and patience, Kos assembles brilliant models like this one and “Walking Stick” from the Up movie shown below.

When I asked Kos how he creates such visually appealing builds, he gave me three stages of idea development.


First of all, I always imagine the object and scale I want to create. Next I imagine which parts or elements could best help me to achieve the shape of the object.

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The more familiar I am with each LEGO shape, the easier it is for me to build in my mind.


I avoid putting any LEGO in my hands until I know what I want to do and what parts I want to use.

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Kos is quick to say that this style does not work for everybody. However, if you are looking to give your mind a good workout, try some “mind building”!

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