Round Pegs and Square Holes

LEGO Bricks Don't Have to Be Square

If I gave you a pile of rectangular bricks, what would you build? Many would build a wall. My 3-year-old would certainly build a tower. People expect a square wall from square bricks, but they are more impressed by a curved arch from those chunks of masonry.

Masterfully demonstrating the “wave technique” in this surfing scene, Sylvain Amacher (captainsmog), turns the blockiness of LEGO into a sleek action scene.

Try the ‘wave technique’ with bricks from your own collection.

A graphic designer from Switzerland, Sylvain knows how to please the eye.


A “Little” Serenity

3 Tips from a First Micro-Scale Build

Firsts are important. I still remember riding a bike for the first time – it left a lasting impression. Learned skills become automatic, but passing those skills along to others is more difficult.


As a father of three young children, I have been looking for activities that my whole family can enjoy. Lately I have been taking some time with my three-year-old to play with LEGO from Classic set 10698. I’d like to share 3 tips that led to this little model.