The Emotion of a Brick

Builder Iain Heath Shares the Secret to a LEGO Emoticon

Leave it LEGO® builder Iain Heath to share emotion with the world through LEGO bricks. Noticing that LEGO fans had no way to express their emotions online, he set out to resolve the problem.

The result was “Brick-mojis”! Iain has been generous enough to share instructions with us on how to build one. The instructions are featured below.


Secrets Behind the LEGO® Bilbo Bust

How Tyler Clites Builds Art Lessons Into His Creations

With a title like “Elementary My Dear Bilbo,” master builder Tyler Clites peaked my interest in one of his latest creations before I even saw the first brick.

Today we ask Tyler his secret to building caricatures and how he has been able to draw so much attention to his current project on LEGO® Ideas.


Something Big Under Construction

Hadrian's Wall Didn't Become Awesome in a Day

We often take incredible landmarks for granted, acting as though they have just always been there. LEGO® master Dan Harris not only built Hadrian’s Wall out of LEGO, but he even imagined it under construction.

The Brick Idea is taking a lesson from history by continuing to change as well. Changing it’s name to “,” the site will continue to tell the stories of the world’s greatest inventors in minifig-scale. However, it is also taking on a much bigger goal: to learn how to become a “master builder.”


Building Tips from Mars

An Interview with the Creator of the "Elijah 1"

Experience, research and memorization helped Ilija build a LEGO rocket with painstaking detail. This build would be a fun challenge for any LEGO builder. Learn a few tips from this detailed builder as you study the other images below.

– Detail like this is only possible with study and research. –

Question: Got a question for Ilija? Ask him in the comments thread below! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

The Mars Orbital Vehicle uses a lot of creative building techniques. How did you learn the LEGO techniques that you use?


This LEGO® Jeep Rubicon Is Amazing

Don't Miss These Building Tips from Chiho Kim

While scrolling through LEGO® Ideas, I discovered the Jeep Rubicon and was amazed by the sleek design and photography skills. I decided to ask its creator, Chiho Kim, a few questions.

– You can vote to make the Jeep Rubicon an official LEGO set here. –

1. It’s hard to make Technic pieces look beautiful, but they look so good on your Rubicon. How can a builder achieve a good balance when using traditional and Technic LEGO® together?