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Master Builders is here to provide you with the tools you need to become a LEGO® master builder. Whether you are an advanced LEGO designer or just a beginner, you will enjoy the creative tips featured here from the LEGO fan community.



This site is certainly a place for fans of little plastic bricks, but it is much more. To spark you creativity, you will read about famous inventors like Tesla and Edison, Ben Franklin and Steve Jobs. We live in a time of unprecedented change and opportunity – the need for original thinkers is tremendous.

This blog is not for everyone. Those who crave to improve in their skills, art, personal or family lives will gravitate here because discontent drives innovation. This is a place for learners, makers, thinkers and doers. Content will consist of four topics:
  • Masters – Learn from the best in the LEGO community.
  • Techniques – Tips and tricks add another dimension to your creations.
  • Inventors – Practical creativity. Insight on innovation throughout history and a spotlight on today’s inventors
  • Contests – The real winners in a Master Builders contest are the ones who improve their skills.
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  • Martin Storbeck

    I didn’t know theBrickIdea so far, but it is a very well designed blog with a lot of items that are not in my usual newsfeed of LEGO creations. Thank you for that! Subscribed instantly, looking forward to the next posts!

    • Martin, thank you for the kind words!